A Sexy-Black with 3D Surround Sound! Gavio Novocaine Docking Speaker

At glance, this speaker looks like related to Philips speaker. I must say this: it’s not a Philips thing, this new docking speaker is coming from Gavio, Singaporean company. I forget to tell you about her name, her name is Novocaine.

With clean-premium black finish design, it shows you the sexy side of a docking speaker. Its design to me is more like a sexy-black ass that ready to fly us to our sensation. Please think positive, I mean through her two 90mm speaker drivers and two 20mm tweeters, she will fly your iPhone/iPod songs to the sensation of 20W RMS full 3D surround with bass enhancement for your pleasure in enjoying your music or video, simply by just station your iPhone/iPod into the dock or via Bluetooth.

In addition, she provides 5 band equalizer (rock, R&B, pop, jazz, and dance) to fit your music and your character. Like other docking station speaker, it also charges your iPhone when docked.  Unfortunately, if you are person who love to be served by remote and really hate wired thing, this sexy speaker is not for you. She uses 5-meter long power cable without remote, you control everything from the multi-control knob.

Dressed in 7(W) x 16(L) x 4(H)-inch, Gavio Novocaine docking speaker is going to hit market soon. The price tag is still cloudy. You could ask Gavio at CES 2012 for further information. [Dandy Gadget Source]