A Sexy-thin Motor-bi-Cycle! Yamaha Y125 Moegi Motorcycle

It, Y125 Moegi, is what I called a true motorcycle. Carrying bicycle elements on the body with 125cc fuel-injected engine under the seat, this new Yamaha motorcycle parted the “motor” and bi-“cycle” in the right place. Its simplicity and thin size with clean design create a sexy looking on my eyes. Surely, it perfectly lines up to the youngsters lifestyle, right?

Based on the design, this new motorcycle serves you a full-relaxation riding like riding your mountain bike.  As you don’t need to kick the pedals and it gives you a full-relaxation bike riding, theoretically, the Y125 Moegi will take you to your destination without even you realized.

There is no official announcement about its full specs, but it reportedly has 176 pounds weight, 80km/l, and 0.8 gallons tank.  You don’t have to ask more, you could see its dance at Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

Yamaha Y125 Moegi motorcycle is a sexy vehicle, right? However, you must not wait with all of your heart. Because it is only a concept now and it seems this motorcycle is not scheduled to be on the production line.  What?? Do you still want to wait? [Dandy Gadget Source]