A Unique Compact Camera Without A moment After! Lytro Light Field Camera [CES 2012]

So nice! I mean not to her thighs, yes her thighs are so excited, just bring your eyes to what she is holding, A Lytro Light Field camera. The camera is so unique, compact and fashionable. She could carry it along with other things by one hand as well as it resonates to her fashion.

With two colors combination between top and lower part, this compact camera takes you to classic way of flashlight design. However, it doesn’t mean you can rotate the lower part to insert/remote battery like a conventional flashlight, it’s just a design. Coming with anodized aluminum and silicon rubber material, it ensures your convenient on your shooting.

As it’s not bringing an auto-focus motor inside, it means this upcoming camera will serve you with zero delay shutter. When the time you are pushing the shutter button, that time is the time your moment is captured, not a moment after. In short, it gives you an instant recording.

Regarding to its main specs, this new compact camera features Lytro Light Field Sensor, Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0, 8x optical zoom constant f/2 lens, a 1.46-inch back-lit glass touchscreen LCD, a microUSB and Lithium-ion battery.  Meanwhile, for storing your images or videos, it uses an internal flash drive, 16GB or 8GB.

Fashioned in 41 x 41 x 112 mm with 214g, Lytro Light Field Camera is expected to hit market in Q1 2011 in MSRP $499(16GB) and $399(8GB). Do you want to try it first? You could do that at CES 2012. I left the blue and graphite color for you, I love the red one. [Dandy Gadget Source]