a.b.art Ladies Watches – I103

This Dandy Gadget: Never miss the style, this watch, a.b.art I103 will set you, ladies, have a perfect style. Combination between color from the straps and violet dial makes delicious eyes looking. Made by allying modern and feminine style allows I103 to be full-fashioned watch for party or formal event.

As Swiss watch,I103 arrange the time manually. I103 only has one button for set up hour and minute time. Basically, you just need to pull the button once to set up minute time, and pull again to set up hour time. although we must set manually but this I103 made with high precision level, so that easy to handle it.

Its stainless steel shine case and sapphire crystal bring you a glamor style. Leather strap (there are so many colors option that you can choose:black, orange, purple, ivory, green, red, light blue, pink, mint, dark) and water proof will add your comfortable in using it.

In addition, a.b.art I103 has 2 years manufacturers warranty. The price is set at $245.99.