a.b.art MM Series – MM102

This Dandy Gadget: Among all of tipe of a.b.art watches in MM Series, MM102 have the most elegant style. I didn’t say M-102 the most glamor, cause that title could be belong to the gold MM series. But the black strap and black dial make a powerful charisma of a true man.

Although it’s design is so simple, The MM102’s natural is covered by the precision of time, sapphire crystal, stainless steel case, and also the comfortable black strap will surely rise up your style level.

Manually, yes. but the MM102 has non-slip special crown, in theory you will never have problem to set your MM102. Just hand winding the crown move forward or backward to set minute time and pulled out to set your hours time.

In addition, a.b.art MM102 has a small second indication. it means you will never miss your time. As a man, simplicity is the most important things, not like ladies that make us more gentlemen. I am not so sure about the price exactly, cgi.ebay.com price $220, but at a.b.art website it’s price is 668 pound sterling.