Acer Ferrari Speedy and Sporty SmartPhone [MWC 2010]

This Dandy Gadget: In first day of Mobile World Congress 2010, Acer announced that he will present to you a result of collaborating between his brand and Ferrari brand, Acer Ferrari Smartphone. What do you thing this new acer smartphone will be come?

Surely, the shiny red color decorates cellular surface with aesthetic Ferrari logo in back and could be in front of. Respectively, bringing Ferrari brand the smartphone should be containing a high speed and luxurious in design. Let’s we say, a 1GHz or up processor giving a fast acceleration, navigation with lot of widget style.

Acer confirmed that Acer Ferrari handphone uses Android 2.1 Enclair OS. Yet, Others specs are still ghosty. Guessed, GPS features is a main focus on this gadget. That concluding is simply taken from what Ferrari is, luxury car company.

Well, Acer Ferrari will be presented to you in around March 2010 in an expensive price ofcourse. But it should be cheaper than you buy a Ferrari car, right? It should be mentioned that the image above is not a true image of Acer Ferrari smartphone, no clearly image information yet. Hopefully my design is close enough to the real one.[Dandy Gadget Source]