Acer Liquid Metal Smartphone — a WiFi Hotspot

I don’t want to talk about the stainless steel of battery cover, chrome trims that surely give you a sense of high quality of extreme design of this new Acer Liquid Metal smartphone. It’s only a cover, there is something amazed me much in this gadget, you are enable to transformed it into a true wireless server, a WiFi hotspot.

Wow, that’s what I call a dandy innovation. In sharing your contents to all enable devices such as PC, TV, or game console, the connection will be in high speed because this acer smartphone is supported by the Qualcomm 7230 800 MHz processor, Android Froyo, a new browser with flash support, and HSDPA 14.4Mbps as well as to connect them to the internet via the Liquid Metal 3G connection.

Designed for you who live a modern, dynamic, and fully integrated lifestyle,this new smartphone also features 5MP AF camera with LED flash that can record video in HD at 720p(30fps) and watch it through 3.6-inch touchscreen WVGA LCD display. For your social activities, SocialJogger app is helping you to do chit-chat on your Facebook and Twitter in an easiest way.

Dressed in 115 x 63 x 13.5mm dimension, and 135 weight, Acer Liquid Metal smartphone will hit market in this month. Not sure about the exactly date of it nor the pricing. I have checked the site, the gadget is not available yet for purchasing. [Dandy Gadget Source]