Acer Revo 100 Slim PC — Either for Home based or Mobile

Aimed with application, Acer announced its latest slim PC, Acer Revo 100 which is dressed in black compact design along with a standing device. The device is suit for either in stand mode or recline mode (you can see the image above and below).

The application is allowing the Revo 100 to connect with others Acer PCs, smartphones, or others WiFi enable device in your home or office. Easy to carry makes the device suitable either for home based or mobile.

In addition, this new slim PC features Windows 7 OS, Blu-Ray disc, Atlon II Neo dual-core processor, up to 4GB DDR3, USB port, Ethernet optical audio out, up to 750GB storage, and Dolby Home Theater v3 HD technology.  Thank to HDMI port, allows you to connect it to your HDMI TV or monitor.

Acer Revo 100 is expected to hit Europe market starting in MSRP £599.99 and is already available now across Europe (at least in UK). Did I mention the latest next generation NVDIA Ion graphic? [Dandy Gadget Source]