ALBUMteam Launches Portable Digital Photogallery, Album

This Dandy Gadget: Another digital frame, ALBUMteam Ltd. is launching ALBUM in the United States, CES 2009.  ALBUM, a portable digital photo gallery, sets a new standard for viewing and sharing digital photos anytime, anywhere.

Although it is not an unique digital frame, like framee-M, but its look like more soft and elegant. More, Album is The cutting-edge 7″ display presents images in uncompromised size and quality.  Features 40,000 photos can be downloaded onto ALBUM directly from digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, other ALBUMs or through a computer, a simple three-button navigation system.  ALBUM – the size of a slim personal diary, the weight of a fresh apple and with a genuine leather protective case – is the first truly portable digital photogallery.

“With our ALBUM you don’t need a computer to view photos. Taking photos as well as sharing them can now happen at the same time and on the go, because you can upload your photos to ALBUM directly from your camera.  And ALBUM navigation is so intuitive that everybody can use it straight from the box.  I-Pod has brought music back to our lives – ALBUM is doing the same for photos” says Dominika Nell Applová.

Specifically, Album features 7″ screen display, 800 x 480 pixels resolution, 4GB internal memory, 3 hours battery life, a build-in SD memory card reader, (7.7″x4.45″x0.55″) size, 0.9 pound weight, and a stylish leather case.

Album is available in two colors (red aluminum+black leather and silver aluminum+natural leather). The price is at US$215. UPS shipping unit rate set at US$37 for USA and Canada, GBP 20 for UK. [Dandy Gadget Source]