Amosu Blackberry 24ct Gold Swarovski Bold 9900, Shine Your Fashion Higher!

We, all, have problems every day we meet the sun, even you are a rich man. Perhaps the only problem for you is how to throw your money for a right thing. If I were you, pretty sure I will spend my money on this world’s first Blackberry 24ct Gold Swarovski Bold 9900.

This new Amosu’s baby brings 650 Swarovski crystals, arrayed well on 24ct Hardened Gold bezel. Wherever you carry it, the luxurious, beauty, and unique design shine your fashion higher. You don’t need to tell girls around you that you belong to the top. Just show this Bold 9900, she will understand her situation, right?

Amosu Blackberry 24ct Gold Swarovski Bold 9900 is available now for GBP 1699.00. If you are white holic, Amosu also unveiled the Silver Swarovski version in GBP 1599.00. Like always Amosu, you could ask the company to personalize your gadget more with your company logo or name or other important words to remember. Of course, there is a little charge for it. [Dandy Gadget Source]