Amosu BlackBerry Bold 9780 Gold Valentine Smartphone

Everybody relates the Valentine with pink gadget or something that containing pink color. In my mind it doesn’t matter it’s pink or not as long as it can make your dear says “I love you more” when she saw it,that is your perfect Valentine gift. Agree with me? Then I will show you what not pink gift is, it’s Amosu BlackBerry Bold 9780 gold smartphone.

The Bold 9780 gold smartphone is the stylish version of your original one. Amosu turns your BlackBerry’s surface plated by 24ct gold in every eyes seeing even the keypads. Although compared with others Amosu things such: Diamond Pink BlackBerry Storm, this one is the cheapest. The gadget is costing you for about £1250 and only £550 when you come with your own BlackBerry. It makes sense since the gadget is not added by even one diamond like others Amosu’s.

Of course Amosu will gladly to add diamonds to the gadget as you wish with a little compensation surely. Still commit that Valentine is pink?[Dandy Gadget source]