Amosu Blackberry Bold 9900 Gold Edition, Your Perfect Christmas Gift!

Christmas moment is still three months ahead. However, you need to save every penny you have from right now if you are planning to give your dearest girlfriend something truly special. Why? Because a special thing is not a cheapy thing, right? Here, Amosu Couture offers a BlackBerry Bold 9900 gold edition as an option for your Christmas gift.

Amosu fashioned the handset with 24 carat gold on its bezel. The result, the new luxury edition of Blackberry Bold 9900 shines its luxurious widely, stand out from the crowd, and gear up the lifestyle of its users. And talking about girl, there is no girl in the world that doesn’t like the way talking of gold on her eyes, right?

Amosu 24 carat gold BlackBerry Bold 9900 is available now for pre-order for £999.00. As always Amosu, you enable to request other modification on the Smartphone such: adding Swarovski or diamond, or your girlfriend’s name engraved on the back case. But, those are not for free (amosu is not Santa Claus). Did I mention the world’s first 24ct gold BlackBerry Bold 9900? [Dandy Gadget Source]