Amosu Blackberry Bold Full Swarovski 9900, Your Luxury Christmas Gift?

Amosu is getting crazier on BlackBerry Bold 9900 by unveiling an upgrade model of its BlackBerry Swarovski Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold Full Swarovski 9900. This new model adds more Swarovski crystals into below its QWERTY keyboard. Overall, it contains 1000 Swarovski crystal embedded into its body.

By no count on the world’s first BlackBerry Bold Full Swarovski 9900, it shows you the perfection-luxurious of Swarovski crystal on a hottest Smartphone for adding shine to your life and lining finely to your fashion style.

Of course, this luxury Smartphone will not only shine to your life but also shine or screams to your wallet. For the silver & Swarovski model, it costs you for about 2,599 GBP. Meanwhile the 24ct gold & Swarovski is 100 GBP more expensive, 2,699 GBP.

Yes, it is a perfect luxury Christmas gift. If I’m not wrong, Amosu need 4 – 8 weeks to complete your order for each device. So, then, you must take order now, otherwise, you will miss the Christmas moment. [Dandy Gadget Source]