Amosu Couture Flew Apple iPhone 4S to the Gold World

Many people guessed that 4S of iPhone 4S is “For Steve”. It might be true but there is no official statement from Apple about it, right? Do not ask this thing to Amosu Couture, because recently they flew Apple iPhone 4S to the gold world. Believe me or not, Amosu will talk to you loudly and clearly, 4S means “For Sensation”.

As” For Sensation”, Amosu Couture has awaken the hidden beauty of your iPhone 4S by bringing 24k hardened gold bezel into its body perfectly, turning it from regular become a glamorous Smartphone.  No doubt, this gold smartphone will suit your high lifestyle and fly it more.

Made by specialist, and of course Apple Gold iPhone 4S only comes to special person, right? Likewise, it’s also having a special price, GBP 1,599. Amosu said other personalized requests are also accepted, as long as you pay for it. [Dandy Gadget Source]