Amosu iPhone 4G Diamond Spider — Smartphone With Diamonds and Unique Number

The last time we talked about Amosu, we talked about a Diamond Gold iPad. Now another Apple’s thing, iPhone 4G in Amosu version. This iPhone 4G is covered by 846 brilliant cut F color VVS1 5.36 bezel carat diamonds. Maybe you will say: It doesn’t surprise me at all, Amosu always spreads over diamonds on its every each products.

Yeap, maybe you are right, but there is another thing on this Amosu iPhone 4G. Beside the diamonds, Amosu offers a unique golden number as your choice, for example 07xxx 111111. You can replace the XXX with your birth date number or others.

More, Amosu allows you to choose a color for your iPhone 4G. Anywhy, this luxury device is available now, starting at £15000.[Dandy Gadget Source]