Amosu Luxury Bespoke iPad 2 Leather Cases

Alexander Amosu once again launched a new luxury bespoke leather cases for your lovely iPad 2 in vary of colors and styles range.

Do you remember the phone cases of Amosu? Well, this cases is similar to that, but of course as it’s for iPad 2, a tablet PC, its size is bigger. Bigger, it means more pennies you must grab to have the gadget, £1600. But you have  wait for around 3-4 weeks after you put an order (a unique, stylist always takes time right?).

As always, you are allowed to have your unique logo or name on the case. You can have Kylie Minogue name on it, if you are a true-really her fan.  To be mentioned, the cases also can be used to other tablet PCs which having a same size like iPad 2. [Dandy Gadget Source]