Amosu Luxury Fashion

This Dandy Gadget: Phenomena of expanding market is being a trend. It’s probably, some of companies assumed that his market was already in peak limit. Take a look on Acer, they are computer manufacturer, one of big company in their category. But what happen now, due the crisis, they tried to find another income channel and decided to enter smartphone market, funny.

Meanwhile, the smartphone manufacturers also tried to enter computer market. The most interesting, Amosu company that is leadered by Alexander Amosu, the one of famous company in creating luxurious technological items, such as mobile phone into a luxury one, now he is jumping tofashion market. Labeled also with luxurious and glamorous, the Amosu launched its first product with titled “The Word’s Most Expensive Suit”.

Now, sit and relax and watch this Amosu video above. Does Amosu unrecognized the global crisis, does Amosu read about the global crisis? Does Amosu calculate the economic crisis? [Dandy Gadget Source]