Amosu Swarovski iPhone 4S, More than a Gift!

For turning your popular iPhone 4S to be a luxurious handset, Amosu adds 470 Swarovski stone onto its bezel. The combination of white case and the dazzling Swarovski that arrayed well by the expert jewelry crafter gives a high fashion value into its users.  No doubt, this Amosu Swarovski iPhone 4S is a right gift for your lovely darling.

However, the white and Swarovski refer more to a soft character. Commonly, the handset like this is a lady thing. The white represent the women’s pure heart, and Swarovski displays that women need to be lauded.

Like I said on title, it’s more than a gift, it means it costs you more, right? You need to pull-out your 1,999 GBP from your pocket for having this luxury handset. That is a lot money for me, but surely it’s not a big thing for you, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]