The Attractive Colors of Kyocera Honey Bee 4 Smartphone on Willcom Network

Targeted teenagers who don’t need a complex smartphone, but rather just need a call and send a message or email, Wilcom announced a new smartphone, Honey BEE4, which is dressed in candy bar attractive color design and manufactured by Kyocera. With that such of colors, No man want to hand it in public, cause it’s represent a girl thing. Honey..Honey..Honey is a girl right?

In addition, this cute smartphone features a basic mp3 player, basic games, a built-in camera, a USB port and a large integrated mailbox that capable to store up to 100MB email or message. One thing that special on this phone is the long life of its battery. In full charge, thebattery can stand up to 700 hours in standby mode or 56 hours in continuous talk.

Compacted in 42x121x108 mm dimension, 73gr mass, Kyocera Honey Bee 4 smartphone is surely having an affordable price according to the features and is already available now across Japan in six colors option: peach pink, raspberry pink, orange, citrus, white, and black on Willcom network. Sorry, I didn’t get its pricing.[Dandy Gadget Source]