an Extra Large Screen on New Nintendo DSi Gaming Console

This Dandy Gadget: Wooow, I am so excited with this new screen size of Nintendo DSi. Named as Nintendo DSi XL, this gadget provides close to twice wider than Nintendo DS Lite Model screen, 4.2-inch screen play. Included also with a larger pen-like stylus will bring you a more vivid and engaging play experience with more comfortable grip and enhanced ease of use when playing games that use the Nintendo DS touch screen.

nintendo_dsi_xl_gaming_console_mp3s_and_portable_electronics_gadgets_bronzeThis new gaming console will be available in two colors: burgundy and bronze. At close stage DSi XL has 161 x 91.4 x 21.2mm dimension and 134g weight. Preloaded with three premium software installed: Brain Age Express: Arts & Letter, Brain Age Express: Math, and Photo Clock as well as two free applications: the Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio, DSi XL is expected to hit market in March 28 2010 for MSRP $189.99. [Dandy Gadget Source]