Another 2013 Samsung Series 7 Touch Monitor, SC750 [CES 2013]

Along with SC770, Samsung also will show another Series 7 touch monitor, SC750. This monitor is having ergonomic design with high cylinder-shaped metal stand to utilize its 90-degree pivot for displaying full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution images conveniently on a 27-inch screen for both landscape and portrait viewing. It’s the main arsenal of this monitor.

Samsung-series-7-sc750-touch-monitor-ces-2013-front-center-portrait-dandy-gadget-peripheralsThe other arsenal of this monitor is the using of WMA panel. Even though, it provides a same contrast ratio level compared to SC770 that having MVA panel inside, 5000:1, but this monitor comes with a better brightness and color depth level, 300 cd/m2 and 16.7M. Indeed, it will transfer your computer image clearer on the screen compared on SC770. However, if you are looking for USB hub, built-in speaker, and MHL, this monitor is not for you, because it doesn’t carry those in.

The release date and pricing
Samsung Series 7 SC750 touch screen is going to make duet with SC770 at CES 2013. The price is not officially confirmed yet. Like the SC770, this monitor also will hit market worldwide in first quarter of 2013, in around end of February 2013. Did I mention 178-degree horizontal/vertical viewing angle and HDMI interface?