Another Upcoming Midland Action Camcorders at CES 2011 — Midland XTC300 and XTC350 Camcorders

Like XTC200, Both XTC300 and XTC350 action camcorder are rugged, mountable, One Touch Action, using a fast 140-degree wide-angle glass lens, up to 32GB SDHC memory, powered by rechargeable lithium battery and USB interface for interacting with PC. The devices will be introduced by Midland along with XTC200 at CES 2011, Las Vegas.

What are new in those gadgets? Both camcorders can deliver full High definition 1920×1080 resolution. Sorry, I don’t have clear information about XTC300 pricing nor XTC350. Respectively, the pricing is about $270 or around $300. Am I right, Midland? For better info, I’ll wait you at CES 2011.