Apple iPad with Retina Display has pushed the capacity of its storage to 128GB!

Other tablets at the market beside embedded a built-in storage, they also provide at least one memory card slot to support the need of additional storage. But that story is not going to be showed in Apple iPad. Rather than providing a memory card slot, Apple has chosen to bigger the built-in storage by unveiling a new storage option, 128GB, in their iPad with retina display.

I don’t have any clues why Apple is so allergic to memory card slot and stylus pen. Perhaps, they want to minimize the problems in stabling, securing and fasting their iOS system. Or they don’t want to sacrifice the beauty of their so-proud design.

Anyway, this new tablet is going to be installed with iOS 6.1 OS. Meanwhile, the specs remains the same.

The release date and pricing
Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any traces about this Apple iPad 128GB with retina display at US site. According to Apple Japan, this tablet is going to hit Japanese market tomorrow in around $724.99 (WiFi model) and $844.99 (WiFi + Celluar model).