Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, a Smart Case?

Apple loves to label their things with ‘Smart’, and ‘Invention’ words. Anyway, I’m not so surprised, it belongs to the marketing strategy to brand their product nicely, so the consumer have time look at it. And here you are, the new smart thing that is made solely for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, called as iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.

What is “iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case” really? It’s just a new case. Like others cases on the market, its purpose is protecting your dandy handset from scratch or being broken when unexpected situation occur, as you accidently drop it.  The story doesn’t end here; “Smart” label works its job. It’s not being as a protector only but the case also helps your iPhone 6/6s has more breath to do its work up to 25 hours talk-time, 18 hours on LTE, and so on. In short word, it doubles the battery life, from 10 hours to 18 hours talk-time, meanwhile also protect the handset.

Indeed, it’s a dandy accessory. But is it really a smart thing? In my opinion, it’s not smart at all. This so-called a smart case is just a powerbank that is cased by soft microfiber inside and silicon outside.  Or you can say, it’s a case that carries a powerbank or a backup battery on its back. Am I wrong?

Another thing that this case doesn’t qualify to be called “Smart” thing is it sacrifices the perfect design of your iPhone 6/6s. With a bloated display on the back, it’s just like seeing a sexy lady suddenly become a lady in state of 7 months of her pregnancy. Do you really need to sacrifice the sexy looking of your handset just for having another round of talking time while you able to carry a powerbank to anywhere without pain?


The release date and pricing
Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is already available now at Apple Store in two color choices, white and grey. It costs you for $99.

Which one is your color white or grey?