Apple and Android vs Rest: Guess who wins even before the fight starts?

It seems like the U.S. smart phone market pie is mainly shared between Android and Apple, yet again. According to ComScore, by the end of the three months marked at the end of July, Google’s mobile OS grabbed a 52.2 percent chunk of the overall market share, which represents a gain of 1.4 points from the three previous months. Similarly, Apple’s iOS took a 33.4 percent share of the market, which is 2 points raise from the period prior to this one. Whatever little bits and pieces of the pie that were left behind were meant for the rest top five platforms, which is basically synonymous to saying that they are still in the boondocks.

And for the “others”
The Blackberry OS by RIM took the third place in this race with a 9.5 percent share, falling down 2.1 points from the previous period. Windows Phone, the mobile OS by Microsoft was only able to score a 3.6 percent market share corresponding to almost half a percentage point loss. Well, Symbian by Nokia trailed chased after all the others lagging far behind with only a 0.8 percent share of the market, again corresponding to half a percent point drop.

Lets just all say Samsung Galaxy S3
It is for the first time that the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has out-matched the previously top selling smart phone in the U.S., obviously the iPhone, according to T. Michael Walkley, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity. The retail checks by the analyst point out that there has been an increased demand for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but the same cannot be said about iPhone 4S in the last month, which experienced fewer sales. This fall for Apple’s claim to fame gadget isn’t a surprise, even though, because iPhone buyers usually delay purchases ahead of a new model. Apple handed out invites for a September 12 event in which they are expected to reveal the next generation iPhone 5.

Hats off to Android and Apple
Considering Apple’s position among other smart phone manufacturers, it has had the pleasure of taking away the biggest gain in terms of its share in the cell phone market. It has managed to win almost two points to make it score about 16.3 percent share, as according to ComScore. Still the iPhone maker behemoth company Apple, placed in the third position chasing right after Samsung and LG. The former was able to get a hold of 25.6 percent share while the latter went back home with an 18.4 percent of the market share.

As a consequence, the deal left Motorola with an 11.2 percentage and HTC with a mere 6.4 percent of the total market share. The retail market checks by Walkey figured out that there was a declining demand for handsets made by HTC as well as the ones by Nokia. There were similar trends noted for RIM as well. All in all, 234 million users in the U.S. smart phone market, aging between 13 and older were the ones owning smart mobile phones during this period of three months ending at July. Comscore took a poll in which more than 30 000 U.S. Mobile phone subscribers participated for the recent report and statistics. However, looking at the figures is one way of gauging the appeal for a particular handset, or in terms of its manufacturer, but new potential buyers should also take into account the device’s security features so that they can do away from risks like cell phone spy apps and cell phone trackers.

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