Archos 35 Smart Home Phone, a Smart Solution!

It’s a smart solution! A new Archos home phone, 35 Smart Home Phone,  brings the Android smartphone on your standard DECT handsets and bases. So you will have a smartphone with home phone plan (if I’m not wrong the home phone plan is cheaper than mobile phone plan in the way “you have to talk too much”).

As powered by Android OS, Archos 35 Smart Home Phone serves you with a lot of Android apps and other features like what you see in a smartphone such: caller name, number and photo display, web, and emails. And thanks to a HD front webcam, the video chatting is getting fun on a 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD.

Fashioned in stylish design, the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone is expected to hit US market in September 2011 at MSRP $159. Did I mention you can call from your PC or other Android smartphones? See the demo at IFA 2011.[Dandy Gadget Source]