Archos Child Pad, an Android ICS Tablet for Kids

The powerful tablet maybe is the most wanted by everyone. But just for kid, is it necessary to bring a 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM? More, the including of Android ICS OS in this new Archos tablet for kids, Child Pad, should cleverly adjusts the flow how the processor to be work finely with less consumable source. It’s only for running kid’s apps, just for unhappy bird or something like that, right?

In my opinion, the 800Hz processor with only 512 RAM is more than enough to run and entertain the kids. At the same time, it reduces the cost of this new kid tablet to under $100. More affordable means more acceptable to parents for buying it.

Despite of all of that, Archos knows well how to attract the kid and parents with the fun-color combination on the case, easy-friendly-kid interfaces, and full parental control that comply for both CIPA and COPPA regulation. Those lead the kids to love to touch this new tablet, while also giving free-worry to the parent.

If you think $129 is a fair price for a kid tablet, Archos Child Pad is ready to be purchased in stores in the end of this month. Nothing is more important than your kids, right?

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