Asus PadFone Tablet, What For?

No doubt it’s new in tablet design. But the reason why the Asus has to unveil a new tablet with phone dock at its back, PadFone, is one of my big question. What for? is it a tablet or just a smartphone dock?

Asus said the Padfone will collaborate with your smartphone. You don’t have to bring two device at once by docking your smartphone into the tablet. It’s clearly you only have one device to carry, right? More, still like what Asus said, the new tablet has the ability to  charge your smartphone when it’s in. Plus, you can run both tablet and smartphone with one data contract (it’s what we called economical).

Then my question is starting to begin. Whether the tablet is run by the smartphone battery or its self battery, the battery has to power two devices in the same time. The battery surely is faster to ended. What I want to say is the design pushes to sacrifice other to make a long life its partner. Is it a foward innovation? (I don’t know). Do we have to buy a smartphone and tablet in one package?

In my opinion, it’s better if the Asus Padfone enables to change the smartphone with a plug-chargeable battery. It’s more benefit the tablet when it’s in hard electricity to find. Asus realized this new tablet might not suit everyone (I belong to one of them).

However, the Padfone is fashioned in 10-inch redefined, sleek stylish finish. Will the tablet success like Eee Pad Transformer? It’s hard to predict, everything is still cloudy. But, I guess, this new tablet is very difficult to find its market. I really want to know this gadget at Computex Taipei 2011. [Dandy Gadget Source]