Audi A5 DTM Racing Car, a Lot Safer with Larger Rear Wing!

Audi will carry over the 460 hp 4.0-litre V8 engine from A4 DTM on its new racing car, A5 DTM. Unchanged?  Yes, you could say like that, the new car adopts every single the successful A4 DTM with the body based on A5 coupe.

As it’s only a sketch, Audi probably will change this and that to the car that could be a lot different from the right now concept. However, Audi promises that A5 DTM will run in high level of safety due to the implant of new side impact protection and hardening its body’s material.

Did you know Audi A5 DTM will bring a larger rear wing? Some said Audi stealth the BMW M3 Thunder concept, what do you think? Will Audi A5 DTM replace A4 DTM on the race? [Dandy Gadget Source]