BabyBjorn High Chair, Let’s Your Kids Have His Own Spaceship!

Made from BPA-free durable plastics with smart design, you could easily assemble, clean, and store the BabyBjorn High Chair at kitchen by yourself. This is what mom need when she is in the kitchen with a little kid from 5 months to 3 years old to keep everything in control.

Two steps lock, only can be opened by an adult, are guarantee that your kids in safe place. Meanwhile, the perfect curved backrest serves a high comfort to your kid. Just by lock the table, and tight his seat belt, your kid will have his own spaceship. He is ready to take off, right?

Fashioned in 11 lbs, and 38 inches, BabyBjorn High Chair is available now in snow white color finish. Based on Amazon UK, it has around $210 price tag. It’s more expensive than I expected. What do you think? He is cute, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]