Back to the First Era of Movie Making with Lomograhy Lomokino 35mm Analogue Movie Camera

Anyone wonder how to make a Chaplin Movie? Movie without sound, what’s so great of that? I let you to decide it. Anyway, here is a new Lomography analogue movie maker, Lomokino, that will guide your tour back to the first era of movie making. You will know that it’s hard for making a movie, but it’s still easier using this camera than the real one when Chaplin was still the best.

What you need just 35mm roll film, and of course this new camera. You put the 35mm roll film into the Lomokino , and set the frame speed at its front face. Now, you are ready to make your own Chaplin movie by cycle the lever. When you want to zoom, the zoom button is there for you at front panel near the frame speed setting.

How to make it alive on your big TV? Well, it’s the hardest step. You must have a little skill in digitalizing the 35mm roll film. In short, you have to scan film and use any kind of movie software that you mastered. Then you could see your own Chaplin movie on your TV.

Do you still have guts for making movie using this analogue camera? Lomography Lomokino 35mm moviemaker is waiting your visit for $81.98. [Dandy Gadget Source]