be Wild Diva….with LUX-01

This Gadgets : Moving up to big event, Christmas time, maybe some of you little confuse to choose the right costumes. As an option, Wild Diva Collection Model LUx-01 bring you stylish and attractive mode. With the shiny color, available in gold, fuchsia, silver, black, tuquoise, yellow, of the body, you can adjust according to your costumes and your taste.

Wild Diva LUX-01, in my mind, is the most dressy and youngish style compare with the other models. The open toes of LUX-01 make your foot have much space for your comfortable. In back part, there is a buckle ankle strap, so you freely fit it easily. But a little thicker, more heavy.

How much will I pull out my money from my wallet? Wild Diva Collection will cost you little, the price is no problem at all. You can spare your money for another needs. This is my man view. I don’t know about your judgment, ladies. Here, I show you all of Diva Collection Model at picture gallery. All models price are set at $14.