Beseto MQ-61 Ultra-Compact Voice Recorder, a Spy Pen?

DUNHILL? Are you a smoker? Is DUNHILL your favorite cigarette? You don’t need to answer that questions. Probably, you get the wrong direction with the images above. I must say this: we are not talking about cigarette or matches in pen form, but we are talking about an ultra-compact voice recorder in top-part of pen form, MQ-61, from Beseto.

By carrying a 12mm diameter and 150mm length size, this tiny gadget able to be stored into the DUNHILL or Marlboro case. So compact yet powerful enough to do voice recording in clear sound up to 18 hours in WAV format and up to 8 hours playback with only need 3 hours charging time through USB connection to PC or USB adapter. It is a perfect gadget for spying, right?

Packed in 25g mass using aluminum body, Beseto MQ-61 Ultra-Compact voice recorder is expected to hit Japanese market in November 11, 2011 in MSRP 7,980 yen or around $100. Inbox, you also receive a wired remote control, a headphone, and USB cable. [Dandy Gadget Source]