beyerdynamic will unveil DT880 Edition, a Premium Headphone Series

This Dandy Gadget: beyerdynamic will unveil a premium headphone series, DT880 edition, at CES 2009 which combines the strengths of open and closed headphones. The complete sound spectrum is reproduced in detail from the deepest sub bass to the highest highs.

Moreover, this new headphones specify a dynamic transducer, semi-open operating, gold vaporized stereo 3.5 mm mini-jack & 6.35 mm adapter connector, 290g mass more heavy than DT770 Edition, 3m/flat cable length.

It will be available in “build your own” at USA and Europe, so you can customize and configure your headphone for multi colors, designs, and accessories plus personalized engravings to create a unique headphone via customizing design software on your web site.

Want this one? beyerdynamic DT880 premium headphones costs you starting at $299.00 plus tax and shipping.