Black Box OPtinet FE408200XA 200 Mbps Internet Speed Connection

This Dandy Gadget: Black Box released its latest bandwidth shaping/content filtering, Optinet FE408200XA which is equipped with layer 7 technology, 200Mbps internet connection speed, enable 100% HTTPs traffic processing, and enable you to monitor the web traffics and control their bandwidth easily as well as set appropriate policies and restrictions for Web use, automatically enforce those rectrictions. As example, you can limit the Facebook use, or prohibited the porn site.

In doing the progress, this new gadget uses Linux as OS, 10/100/1000 Mbps network interface, RJ-45 (LAN, WAN and AUX connector), DB9 RS-232 F console connector, and works on 110-240 VAC with 50-60 Hz. More, the device can block the Malware and Viruses with advanced database matching and client spyware removal, Does this method work perfect??? Try it with your new virus!!!

Black Box Optinet FE408200XA is presented in 8.9×43.2×53.3cm, and 10.9kg. If you want one, the device is already available now, but you should ready to gather your money as much as you can, cause the price tag is $37,499.95. Did I mention one year warranty and free full tech support in 24 hours? [Dandy Gadget Source]