BMW i3 Electric Car, Your Megacity Car!

Elegance in looking, the combination between silver, black, and transparent with refined curved, BMW i3 electric car shows what the future car should like. Sporty outside in zero emission,  safe our earth without sacrificing the performance and design, it’s your megacity car.

Technically, BMW i3 car boasts a performance; 125 kW/170hp and 250Nm peak torque. And the car could run 150 km/hour. That’s interesting; it’s more powerful than Renault Frendzy. Plus, the BMW said its electric engine could deliver impressive acceleration. Only need less than four seconds in achieving 0 – 60 km/h and 0 – 100 km/h in fewer than eight seconds, is it fantastic, right?

What’s more? BMW i3 offers shorter full recharge time. It only needs six hours to get in full condition from zero at standard socket. And an optional Rex generator, a small quiet petrol engine,  is ready for you who want to extend your battery life. So, you can ride your BMW i3 to more miles.

No information yet about when BMW i3 will be available on market. But some said this new electric car is expected to be in full version from concept to production in 2013. Just keep saving! Don’t say to anyone, I prefer Frendzy to be in my list. [Dandy Gadget Source]