BMW i8 Hybrid Sport Car Concept

Aiming for sport, you mustn’t compare BMW i8 to its older brother, i3.  Having sophisticated design, more sporty, pretty sure it will raise your lifestyle fashion to next grade. If I were having this car, I will show to any girls I met (not too difficult to take home one when driving this car, right?).

If you are looking closer to its design, BMW i8 is manufactured like i3. The car is coming with butterfly doors. The most interesting, inside you will have 2+2 seats. Commonly, the sport car is only serving two front seats. Don’t ask about interior, you tell me?

Anyway, BMW i8 sport car is powered by BMW i8 Concept’s hybrid power train, combining the i3 lifeDrive concept with 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine. Hence, the car boasts a 164 KW/200HP turbocharged which produce up to 300Nm of torque, 250 km/h top speed, and less than five second to achieve from 0-100 km/h.  As hybrid car, it only needs 3 liters for 100 kilometers driving.

As always a concept, BMW i8 sport car could be having different parameters in its full version. However, you can see its prototype at 2011 Frankfurt motor show in September. Did I mention that the car also can be mobilized using full electric power? [Dandy Gadget Source]