Brammo New Electric Motorcycles with SMRE’s New IET Technology

Who said the electric motorcycle cannot run in high speed? (I said that too at the past) Maybe you should know this new motorcycle from Brammo, the 100% electric motorcycles with SMRE’s IET technology in Engage and Encite family series which can serve a 6 speed transmission.

How fast does this new electric motorcyles can run? I don’t know exactly about that, If you went to MiniMotoSX race in Las Vegas, you should know it. Logically the six speed transmission gives you enough power to push the motorcycle to your imagination about the speed, right?

Brammo offers 3 models in Engage: Engage MX (price $9,995), Engage SMR (price $9,995), and Engage SMS (price $11,995). And one model in Encite, Encite MMX PRO, the Brammo haven’t yet set its price.  All new models are available now for pre-order. Be Valentino Rossi! Be green! Save our Earth! Did I mention swappable Brammo Power battery packs?[Dandy Gadget Source]