Bring the Battery In! Honda Motor Compo Two-Wheel EV Commuter

It, Honda Motor Compo EV commuter, is what I called a future two-wheeler. Its cute-unique-casual compact design (the body looks like big Newyu) accelerates this new electromotive for giving us more fun, more mobility on the road to avoid the heavy traffic jam and dandify your lifestyle as well. It is a perfect commuter for just accompany us from office to home or shopping at near walmart.

Interestingly, it offers us a fun-tech experience, a removable battery. At the case you already arrived at your office, you could remove the battery, and bring it in to your office room for charging your Android tablet or iPhone or just minimizing your cute Motor Compo to be stolen. Plus, it seems you just need to plug-in your Smartphone to get your panel and might be you could also remote the bike from your Smartphone.

Anyway, Honda Motor Compo EV commuter is only a concept now. The possibility of Honda will add and remove some features or do some kind of weird thing to this cute bike are still open. However, it seems Honda seriously have a will to make it to its production line. 2015? Not sure, but you could see the demo at Tokyo Motor Show 2011, December 3-11, 2011. [Dandy Gadget Source]