Buffalo PS3 External Hard drive

This Dandy Gadget: To integrated with its upcoming “Torne” (TV turner and Video recording PS3 module) and PS3 gaming console, Buffalo unveiled two new external hard drives with code name: HD-AV500U2/SC and HD-CL500U2/SC which have a 500GB capacity storage.

So, now you can spare your game and data into it. Surely, they can invent your collection games, videos, or musics and meanwhile record and backup your favorite TV program or games.

I don’t know the detail specs of both of them. A clear difference between both of them is their design. Buffalo HD-AV500u2/SC have a block design, while HD-CL500u2/SC is designed in tower. Bufallo will release HD-AV500u2/SC at 14,800 yen ($166) and HD-CL500u2/SC at 11,800 yen($133) in around October to November 2010. [Dandy Gadget Source]