Can We Use It as External HDD Case? Cirago CDD3000 Dual Hard Disk Docking Station

Coming with a magic clone button, indeed, this Cirago CDD3000 simplifies your cloning process. You just need to plug the SATA HDD master to the A-dock, SATA HDD destination to the B-Dock, then press the clone button, no need PC connection. When the indicator bar reached 100%, it means your cloning process has done.

More, Cirago said we could connect the CDD3000 to computer through USB 3.0 port to select the files that we want to transfer.  It tells us that the PC can read the docked HDDs, right? However, there are two questions in my head when this device connected to PC. Do we still have to press the clone button or is there an option to clone from the screen? Can we use the CDD3000 as external HDD case, so we can run or execute docked HDDs files from our PC?

Please, ask Cirago about my questions when you are at CES 2012. Anyway, fashioned in 4.9(L) x 4.5(W) x 2.4(H) inch with black-red finish, Cirago CDD3000 dual hard disk docking station is going to hit market soon. The pricing is not yet announced officially. I guess it will be around $129.99 (not sure). [Dandy Gadget Source]