Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim, New Calculator Mouse!

While LG added scanner ability into its new mouse, Canon continue its innovation on calculator mouse by unveiling new Bluetooth laser mouse, X Mark I Mouse Slim.

Unlike its predecessor, X Mark I Mouse, the “slim” at the end of its code name is showing the gadget is having slimmer design with streamlined-lightweight body. It makes the mouse as a perfect accessory for your laptop with easier to be gripped and carried. And to avoid accidental press on keypad, Canon added a lock feature.

Regarding to its main specs, the Bluetooth laser mouse is coming with 1200dpi and 10 digits for its calculator. Plus, you can use the gadget as the wireless numeric keypad. If you are dummy enough, its calculator helps you much, right?

Unfortunately, Canon announced that X Mark I Mouse Slim will only be available at UK and Ireland for MSRP GBP 34.99 in two colors: black and white. Hopefully, it will be followed by U.S. market after. Have you see it at IFA 2011?[Dandy Gadget Source]