New Casio Watch Can Do Chit-Chat With Smartphone Wirelessly [CES 2011]

The prototype of new Casio Bluetooth watch has been displayed at CES 2011. The watch can do chit-chat with your smartphone: receiving your alert of calls and e-mail message, activating alarm and vibration function, and transmitting an accurate time information of your smartphone through a Bluetooth Low Energy link. No name yet, lets say it as a Bluetooth Watch

Using a single, ordinary button-cell battery, you can use this unique watch every day just like the normal watches. Its battery life is approximately still in its function for one years of 24 hours Bluetooth usage. So, you don’t need to be hassled by recharging the watches like a conventional wristwatch.

Compacted in 53.4 (D) x 44.4 (W) x 12.8 (T) millimeters dimension and 50g mass, Casio Bluetooth watch will be available in near future. And followed with the expansion function which enables the watch to collaborate with other Bluetooth devices such as: home network, and sport/health devices or could be with the upcoming iPad 2. This one is only the beginning of Casio future steps. [Dandy Gadget Source]