Citroen Tubik Concept Car, the Funniest Front Design!

Here is the funniest front car design I ever met. It looks like a cartoon character’s face when you are looking at the new concept car of Citroen, Citroen Tubik, from front view. From side view, it’s close to the head of locomotive. You might think that this is the ugliest design of MPV (everyone has a right to judge).

Citroen Tubik concept car’s exterior design could bring some hot discussion. However, when you are coming into inside. Wow, you will never see such superior layout even on limousine. The car serves you with a large room, small compartment. The driver has his own territory, cute room. Meanwhile the passenger seats enable to be flipped. You could flip the front seats to face behind and convert the middle seat to be a nice table for your morning coffee. And you will have a comfortable bed by connecting the middle seat to the back seat. It’s a right MPV for bussiness and pleasure.

Regarding to its main specs, Citroen Tubik is powered by diesel-electric engine, PSA’s new Hybrid4 system in 4wd mode.   The front-wheels are controlled by diesel engine, and the rear-wheels is using the electric engine. According to Citroen, the car produces low CO2 emissions. Plus, it offers hi-tech features inside to roll your multimedia contents to entertain you in your long trip, such HD TV and others.

Want to see it? Citroen will show its Tubik concept car at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. No information yet about its price and the availability, but it seems the car is not going to hit market in near time, 2014? [Dandy Gadget Source]