Clean-Green Future Transporter! Hino Ez-Cargo EV Van Concept

As always EV, this light-duty EV van concept from Hino, Ez-Cargo, is coming with clean-green profile. The exterior is painted by the fine combination of white and green color. Its design looks like a cool to me.

Keeping in mind, this future EV van is concepted for delivering goods. You will find a wide flat cargo area inside to store goods. With full-open backdoor and sliding-side door, the van gives you the best way to upload and reload goods.

Unfortunately, there is no information yet about its full detail. I suspect, this Ez-Cargo is not going to show on the road until 2014, if Hino has a will to make this thing on its production line. Green for better future, I hope the Ez-Cargo comes to this earth. Did you see it at Tokyo Motor Show 2011? [Dandy Gadget Source]