Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup Storage [CES 2011]

For you who has data that need to be cloned, Clickfree offers a new alternative solution: Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup. And it will be showcased at CES 2011. It’s not an external hard-drive backup like a year ago I wrote. This one can backup your data wirelessly from your room whilst your computer on the other room using 802.11n wireless technology. And of course you still can use USB interface when you wish to.

Coming with an easy setup, no need software, and no need network knowledge, Clickfree Wireless backup automatically backup your data according to your setting and easy retrieve it as well. More, the device can be placed anywhere in the home, and does not need to be plugged in to any of the computers for it to continue backing up and safeguarding yours digital data.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac platform, Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup is available in two sized storage: 500GB for $179 and 1TB for $249. The 500GB is available now, and the 1TB size will be available in market in Q1 2011. See it at CES 2011! [Dandy Gadget Source]