Contour ContourROAM2 Sports Video Camera

The Instant On-Record switch, rotating flat surface mount, up to 270-degree lens rotation, and so compact size make the ContourROAM2 is a suit video camera to record instantly any actions up to 1080p Full HD resolution at 30fps wherever your dangerous sports activities are taking place.

During your adventure, probably, you will meet watering area. You don’t have to be panic, it’s designed to deal with it, the ContourROAM2 is able to stay still on record up to 1m underwater without any special case. Of course, it needs a special jacket to do the job at more than 1m depth underwater.

With stylish design and vibrant color options, according to the company, its design have won many awards, indeed, it’s a must gadget for an adventurer. More, it also equips laser alignment to guide the angle of camera to where it should be. However, if you want a sports video camera that contains HDMI out, Bluetooth, or GPS, this ContourROAM2 is not for you. It doesn’t include one of those features.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in 100(W) x 55(H) x 34(D) with 5.1oz, Contour ContourROAM2 sports video camera is available now in MSRP $199.99. Which one is your color: black, red, blue or yellow? Did I mention 3.5 hours battery life, USB 2.0, and 4GB Micro SD card?