Canon PowerShot A2600 Compact Camera, It’s the Powershot A1400 in Stylish Case!

So, what is the difference between Canon PowerShot A2600 with the cheapest one, A1400? It is only about case and LCD screen. Short of, all of specs of the A1400 is packaged in bigger case, but slimmer with metal exterior, removing the availability of the optical viewfinder and replace the 2.7-inch LCD with 3.0-inch LCD screen for giving more stylish and fashionable tastes to its carriers.

Completed with vary fun color options – black, silver, red, blue and pink, surely it will be loved by teens and others who like to color their life.  Of course, the bigger LCD display will talk on your satisfaction in looking your objects on the screen. However, if you don’t really care about color, design, and LCD size, the A1400 is the right camera for you, not this one.

Canon-PowerShot-A2600-pink-front-rear-dandy-gadget-digital-camerasThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in 97.7(W) x 56.0(H) x 19.8(D) with 120g, Canon Powershot A2600 compact camera was showed at CES 2013 and is going to hit market next month for MSRP $149.99. Is color really important to you?