2013 Most Unique Canon Camera, PowerShot N! [CES 2013]

With this new Powershot N camera, it seems Canon is trying to present a unique compact camera like what Samsung did with their Galaxy camera. For giving you an expression that this new camera is so unique, so different with other compact cameras at market, the company has changed the way how you capture the moments by replacing the shutter and zoom buttons with shutter and zoom lens rings.

Certainly, the shutter and zoom lens rings are taking us to another dimension of shooting experience. It’s so interesting, it’s the 2013 most unique canon camera, do you agree? But as a compact camera is mainly focusing to serve a simplest way in recording the moments, those lens rings operations are become a big question, especially for shutter lens ring. Honestly, for me, if I really need a compact camera, the shutter button is a must thing on device. This might be a reason why this camera doesn’t have number in its code name. Likely, the company want to see the continuity of this camera’s story at market, will it be the end or the start?

Outside of the lens ring operations whether those are for better or worse, the PowerShot N is still offering a simple operation in a compact size. A 2.8-inch tilt-up touch screen, Creative Shote, Hybrid Auto, 58 scene Smart Auto, Mobile Device Connect button and WiFi, enables you to record your moments from any position easily with any affects as well as instantly share it to other smart devices,  -to your favorite networks directly on the screen, -to supported printers or -to the cloud service wirelessly.

Even though, this new camera comes with so compact size, don’t be fooled by its size, this camera is supported by the latest Canon‘s technologies – DIGIC 5 image engine, Intelligent IS and HS System. The collaboration between those technologies, a 12.1MP CMOS sensor  and a 28mm wide angle 8x optical zoom lens makes the PowerShot N can do full HD 1920x1080p video recording at 24fps and  so clear vivid recorded image.

In addition, this new camera also features a memory card slot, USB 2.0 port, and GPS via mobile device. Meanwhile the rechargeable Li-ion NB-9L battery supports up to 200 shots.

Canon-PowerShot-N-smart-camera-side-sexy-white-dandy-gadget-digital-camerasThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in 78.6(W) x 60.2(H) x 29.3(D) mm with only 195g, Canon PowerShot N compact camera was showed at CES 2013 and is going to hit US market in April 2013 for MSRP $299.99 in two color options – White and Black. The white version is sexier, right?