Xi3 Z3RO Pro, A Small Entry-Level Computer! [CES 2013]

We have discussed about Xi3 Z3RO module before, two years ago. Now, the company unveiled a new product, Z3RO Pro. It comes with so compact and tiny body,  4.875(W) x 3.625(H) x 1.875(D) inches with same design as Z3RO module and having an affordable price – starting at $399.

Don’t be fooled by its small body and affordable price, the Z3RO pro contains not bad specs inside. A 1.65GHz Dual Core 64-bit, x86 processor, 4GB RAM, up to 1TB SSD built-in storage, 1Gb Ethernet port guarantee your latest Windows and Linux OS will run smoothly. More, you can share your the contents to two monitors at the same time through HDMI and Mini-Display ports as well as it only consumes 15 watt of power, …so eco-friendly, right?

Xi3-Z3RO-Pro-computer-rear-compact-dandy-gadget-computersThe release date and pricing
Xi3 Z3RO PRO small computer was showed at CES 2013 and will hit market in second quarter of 2013. I don’t have to tell you again about its price, right? Did I mention four eSata 3.0 ports? Is the desktop going to die?